about the author

ALAN CHARLESWORTH is a Senior Lecturer in marketing and e-marketing. He has been involved in e-commerce as a practitioner, consultant, trainer and educator since 1996.

He is also the author of : Internet Marketing : a Practical Approach, Digital Revolution, a glossary of Internet Marketing terms, phrases and conceptschoosing the right domain name and co–author of another, Online Marketing - a Customer-Led Approach.

For a whole host of reasons I have a number of websites on a variety of domain names - and here they are:

Internet Marketing Malarkey - I often use the term 'malarkey', this web page puts it in context.

Another term I use all the time is 'when you're inside the bottle, you can't read the label' - here's what it means.

Alan-Charlesworth.com, Alan-Charlesworth.co.uk and AlanCharlesworth.co were all registered for the same reason - to raise my search engine profile. My main site - Alan Charlesworth .eu  - isn't always picked up on both 'global' and 'UK' searches because it is identified with neither. Charlesworth.info was the domain on which my site was originally hosted.

Two domains I use all the time as examples when I am writing, talking, teaching or training about domain name choice are the Baltimore Opera Hat Company and a Trusting Business.

I've written a fair bit on domain names,  see  Choosing a Domain Name. Choosing the Right Domain Name.

I also have a blog which looks at examples of good and bad practice in e-Marketing and a guide to Athens, Greece.