about the author

This is not a book on information technology [IT]. It is a book about e-commerce written from a business perspective. Any technical terms are simplified and included only because an understanding of them would be an advantage in a business context. It is, predominantly, a book for students and practitioners of any aspect of business that involves the use of the Internet. If there are any IT practitioners or students who wish to learn about the online business applications of the technology they work with, it is for them too.

The contents - over 1200 terms - are an eclectic mixture. Many originate from the author's connections with e-commerce going back to 1996, others from the many newsletters, articles, books and web sites that are readily available both on- and offline. But no matter where they originate from they all have one thing in common – they are written from a BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE and NOT computing or IT. Although there are a few ‘techie’ terms [including the term techie itself] they are included only to make e-commerce easier to understand for the non-techies - and they are described in non-techie speak.

There are also a number of terms that are neither business or IT, but are included to give readers an insight into the environment in which e-commerce exists.

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